There are three main concepts that drive all I do; 




As a multimedia artist, I take full advantage of what technology has to offer. Traditional art forms have existed for almost as long as humans, but technology is growing at a pace that allows for constant innovation in the artistic world. Nothing gets me more excited to create a piece than figuring out a way I can exploit some new technology to serve my artistic purposes.

I’m always looking forward, trying to stay ahead of the curve on ideas and design trends. Whether it’s fine art, or more product-based art, I’m constantly trying to take what I can from the great span of art and design history, while also keenly staying on top of trends. One of my greatest artistic goals is to stop keeping up on trends and to start leading them.  

All this is to support my one true artistic passion; empathy. I firmly believe that if the world was just 5% more empathetic, it would be a significantly better place. I create art pieces that allow people to spend a small amount of time walking in shoes that the average person will hopefully never have to walk in. In this small way, I aim to make the world a better place to live through my art.